Tips For Choosing The Right Color And Material To Frame Your Custom Art

12 April 2017
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If you have created a few pieces of custom art to hang on the walls in your home, then can achieve a finished look by framing them. Since the frames that you choose will affect the look of your art and also needs to match the overall interior design of your home, it is important that you choose the framing materials wisely. To this end, here are some tips for choosing the right color and material to create the frames for your custom artwork:

Tip: Choose a Color that Compliments Your Artwork and Your Current Decor

Since your custom artwork will be hanging in your home, it is important that the color scheme for the mat and frame complement your home's current decor. For example, if you have black ebonized furniture in the room where the art will be placed, then you might want to use a white mat with an ebonized frame. 

Tip: Choose Wide Frame Materials and Mats to Make a Bold Statement

Whether your art pieces are large or small, using a wide mat and frame will make a bolder statement than using thin ones will. For example, if you are framing a small pencil drawing and a larger landscape watercolor, using a wide mat and a chunky frame will make them appear more regal when hung on your wall.

Tip: Choose the Same Mats and Frames for Each Piece to Form a Cohesive Grouping

Even if each piece of art that you created is very different from the other pieces, you can bring them together by using the same color and style of mat and frame for all of the pieces. For example, if you painted a scene of the ocean that is primarily blue in color and another scene of green mountains, then framing both using a white mat and black frame will help draw them together when you hang them on your wall. 

Tip: Consider Having Your Artwork Professionally Matted and Framed

Finally, if you are still struggling with how you want to mat and frame your custom art pieces, then you should consider having the works professionally matted and framed. While the process seems simple enough, there are many variables to consider and a professional framer can often show you exactly how to make your custom artwork look amazing. Even though it will cost more to have your art professionally framed, the results are well worth the extra price.