5 Tips For Staging Your Living Room

20 May 2017
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When selling your house, it's not enough to just clean it and make necessary repairs -- although you should start with those steps. Rather, it's about presenting a lifestyle in your home specifically to potential buyers. Unfortunately, they don't want to see your life in the home – they want to see a glamorous version of their own. The living room is often the hub of activity in a home, so staging it and focusing on its interior design can help sell your home.

Declutter the Living Room

Your very first step is to depersonalize the living room, and that means decluttering it. If you're still living in the space, that can be challenging. However, you're moving anyway, so go ahead and pack. Indeed, Home and Garden TV recommends you stash as much as half of your furnishings. Not only does decluttering turn your living room into a blank canvas for potential home buyers, it makes the space look bigger.

Make the Room Over with Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is characterized by modernity: a touch of minimalism with a neutral backdrop. Start with a neutral hue – white or a shade of gray or beige – and paint your walls this color. Add a matching living room set with clean lines. If you have a decidedly different style of furniture, consider swapping it out for a rental set for a month or so while you're showing the home. Otherwise, pack everything but the essential pieces away.

Limit the Artwork

Your artwork is another area where a "less is more" philosophy is recommended. Definitely pack away all family photos. Any artwork still out should be contemporary, perhaps a simple print in a frame. Once you've removed the other pieces, make sure you fill in the holes left by the nails – those will definitely distract potential home buyers.

Utilize the Proper Accent Pieces

You don't want your house to be too empty. Remember, you're selling a dream. Professional home stagers utilize several items in preparing a home. For instance, keep a side table, and set it with a charming basket or a pretty silk flower arrangement. Drape a colorful throw blanket over the back of your neutral sofa. Your choice in accent items should bring a bright, cohesive look to your living room.

Showcase Your Home's Character

Home buyers are often looking for specifics. For instance, storage is always a boon. If you have a built-in bookcase or entertainment center in your living room, draw subtle attention to it with accent items. Keep the accent items minimal but attractive. Likewise, if your room has unique architecture, point it out with track lighting. Don't leave it to the realtor to highlight this aspect of your room – make sure buyers see it for themselves.

Dress your living room for success by staging it for potential buyers.