Bought A Fixer-Upper? Hire An Interior Designer To Help With Remodeling

20 February 2019
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When you buy a turnkey home, you often start the house shopping experience with the intention to purchase a house that has the features you need as well as the look that you desire. But, you may not worry about getting a desirable appearance when purchasing a fixer-upper property.

This means that you may expect to put a lot of time and effort into planning how the fixer-upper will look once you start working on remodeling projects. Hiring an interior designer is a superb decision because it will help you come up with designs that look great around the house.


If you know that you will be replacing all the cabinetry in your home, you should discuss the details with an interior designer because you may have a certain preference or two. For instance, you may not want to get solid cabinet doors around the entire kitchen because you would like to put some items on displays, which is something that an interior designer can plan out accordingly.

Aside from door requests, you may want to give full control to an interior designer who can pick out cabinet details such as wood type, stain, and hardware that look great together.


When you replace the flooring inside a fixer-upper, you will have an opportunity to change a feature that can impact the entire house. If you want your floors to look like hardwood, you are not limited to only choosing hardwood flooring to accomplish this goal. Some other options include engineered wood, tile, and laminate because they can all be made to look like wood.

By working with an interior designer early on and coming up with a budget, you can rely on a professional to determine how much money should be put into each part of the home's design. This means that you can rely on the flooring not cutting into any other budgeted areas.


The paint on the walls throughout the house will play an enormous role in how the house looks and how much your family enjoys living inside. For instance, if you have a spare bedroom that you will turn into a home office, an interior designer may know that they want to paint all the walls or at least an accent wall in blue because it promotes calmness and concentration.

While you may love to work on major projects around the house, you should not hesitate to hire an interior designer to turn your fixer-upper into a beautiful and functional home.