Creative And Fun Additions For Your Home Kitchen Remodeling Project

3 December 2020
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If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you may be focused on the traditional remodeling tasks, such as replacing cabinets and countertops, selecting the right flooring, etc. However, thinking beyond the traditional remodeling ideas can help you design a one-of-a-kind kitchen that adds beauty and function to your home. 

Add a beverage nook

Having a separate area built into one end of your kitchen for a beverage nook is a fun idea that is sure to be a hit with every family member. Whether your beverage of choice is coffee, or your kids enjoy making smoothies for breakfast, a beverage nook makes it easy to keep all your beverage-making and drinking supplies in one spot. Make a beverage nook a priority in your kitchen remodeling project and get the entire family involved in decorating your nook when it is complete.

Add a window seat

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Make your kitchen even cozier and family-friendly by adding a large window with a built-in window seat. The window seat can be a practical place to sit when you need a break, or it can be used as a focal point in the kitchen when decorated with colorful seat cushions and accent pillows to match your newly-remodeled kitchen's theme.

Add a place to grow herbs

Turn one end of the kitchen into a small greenhouse area for growing herbs to use in cooking. If your kitchen is short on space, consider having shelves installed in front of a window to hold small pots for growing herbs. If you have an adjoining dining room, you may wish to section an area off, close to the kitchen, to create a mini greenhouse.

Add a unique color pattern

Break free from the latest trends and choose a color combination for your kitchen that is against the norm. For instance, if you love all things blue, consider painting your top cabinets light blue and the bottom cabinets a rich navy. Find creative ways to incorporate your favorite color into your kitchen remodel by painting an accent wall or having countertops installed in your favorite color to contrast with white walls or cabinetry.

Your kitchen remodel is sure to be a hit when you think beyond the basics and add some fun additions to your kitchen. You will have a kitchen that not only looks great but is also practical. Your new kitchen will be uniquely yours and be a favorite hang out spot for family nights at home or hosting your next dinner party.