Make Stability A Priority With A New Loft Ladder

9 June 2021
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The installation of a new loft ladder can make an enormous difference in how secure you feel climbing up into the attic or loft of your home. If the current ladder doesn't have the stability you need and needs replacement, you'll want to check what you can look for to feel safe climbing up.

Opt for Handrails 

The number one feature to prioritize with a new loft ladder is built-in handrails. Holding onto rails as you climb up the ladder can ensure that you feel secure getting up and down. However, not all railings are the same regarding their quality, making it best to check the hardware. 

Hardware, grips, and other details can affect how comfortable you are using the rails as you use the ladder. Since the rails can be the only thing you're holding onto and the ladder can be steep, this can make an enormous difference in your confidence climbing up and down.

Checking if you can fold the handrails away can ensure that the ladder doesn't take up more space than necessary and that you're able to keep the ladder discreet when it's not in use. 

Check the Weight Load

Ensuring that the weight load capacity suits your needs is essential for ensuring that the ladder is secure. Sturdy ladders with a higher weight capacity are ideal when you consider the likelihood that you'll be carrying boxes and heavier items up to the attic or loft occasionally. 

While a higher weight capacity can result in the ladder being heavy and a challenge to fold up, it can ensure that you're safe climbing up and down without concerns over the steps giving out. 

Hire a Pro for Installation 

When installing a new loft ladder, the biggest mistake that people make is rushing the installation. When you rush the installation, you could use standard nails instead of lag screws that add a lot to the stability. The ladder needs to come down smoothly rather than fall down when you open or close it. 

Even the opening of where the ladder comes from needs careful measurement, making it essential for you to hire a professional to assist in both measurements and the installation. 

Updating your home with a new ladder for the loft can add safety and improve how you get up and down from a lofted area. Following a checklist of features to prioritize and understand the vital safety features can help you feel great about adding the safety you need.