Design A Functional, Beautiful Entryway With These 6 Elements

22 November 2021
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Your entryway is the first impression any visitor has of the home's interior. However, it also must serve a practical function as people come and go. How can you achieve both goals? The best way is to keep in mind these essentials, no matter how big or small the space is.

1. Sturdy Mat

The entryway will take a lot of beating from traffic and the elements. So make sure you put down a sturdy, water- and stain-resistant, non-slip rug or mat. However, you can also use this necessary element for decorative purposes to make the space inviting and fun. 

2. Simple Seating

Provide a place for people to sit down and take off their outerwear. However, don't make it too fancy since this would actually discourage people from using it for its intended purpose. Most entryways work great with a small bench, a stool, or a non-upholstered chair. 

3. Good Lighting

Welcome people to your home by being able to turn on inviting lights just inside the door. Once again, this practical need offers you a simple feature with which to go decorative. Choose a lighting element that reflects your home's style and add something visually to the space. 

4. Drop Storage

You undoubtedly want to keep your entryway neat and tidy for good impressions. However, miscellaneous items will end up in this space. So you can either fight this natural entropy or you can add one or two quick, convenient locations for drop storage. These are things people need to drop and pick up later. Use trays, baskets, plates, or other fun decor items. 

5. Coat Rack

A coat rack may seem old-fashioned, but it will keep your space both cleaner and more functional. If you don't have room for a full coat rack, install some hooks on the wall for outerwear, hats, scarves, and the like. 

6. Something You Love

Whether the entryway is small or large, don't overlook the need to add something in this room that speaks to you. This may be incorporated into one of the earlier necessary features or it could be a piece of artwork, a wall hanging, fresh flowers, or other accessories. 

Want to know more about using any of these six important elements in your space? Start by consulting with an interior designer who specializes in residential homes in your area. By focusing only on what is needed, you'll have everything necessary for a space that's functional, fun, and comfortable. For more information, make an appointment today.